Metaphysical and Spiritual Guidance

These sessions are designed to address those aspects of you that are beyond physical, mental and psychological  understanding.  Tapping into your heightened awareness and consciousness.  Exploring your spiritual path and moving into ascension is why you are here in this incarnation.

Metaphysics is a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses. concerned with abstract thought or subjects, such as existence, causality, or truth. The metaphysical is concerned with first principles and ultimate grounds such as being, time, or substance.  It’s being highly abstract, subtle, or abstruse.  It’s  the causes of things and the nature of being.  Metaphysical awareness is a silent dialogue raised by a questing imagination. This chapter attempts to argue for a transcendental theory of consciousness keeping in mind the fact that consciousness has many levels of reality other than the brain-related consciousness.

consciousness is such a state of consciousness where the body is not an essential factor. The theory of consciousness in Vedanta and Buddhism points to the highAt the primary level, consciousness is bodily in nature, but it rises to higher levels in a process of evolution. From the body consciousness to the spirit consciousness or self-consciousness, there is an evolutionary process. Consciousness itself is a phenomenon of a very different kind from the body itself, though unsurprisingly it is embodied in its primary level. But as consciousness goes to higher stages, its body relation is loosened. Purer level of consciousness where the body becomes conceptually detached for the reason that the ability of consciousness to generate new meanings is constrained by the body. The highest consciousness for them is a body-detached consciousness that rises to the higher realms of values and meanings. The metaphysics of consciousness demands a transcendental theory of consciousness that overcomes the pitfalls of naturalism, empiricism and reductionism.