Relationship hypnosis helps to promote compassion and understanding, and improved communication between you and your significant other, all while stopping negative patterns of fighting and arguing. Let’s look at the full meaning of the word — Relationships. There are many kinds of relationships and for some reason most of us have an attitude that we want “good” relationships or “it should feel right” . There are ways we imagine relationships to be and when they don’t meet our expectations we consider the other person or ourselves to somehow be defective or unhealthy or there is something wrong with us.


We develop our skills, attitudes and feelings about relationships from birth. Many of us don’t often have relationship models that are healthy for us to follow. So our relationships are almost always related to our personal history. Often we are drawn into relationships based on our personals needs, to fulfill personal expectations and to feel that our lives are fulfilled. Some people with low self esteem feel that personal relationships will “complete” them, make them whole (this is a classic misconception).


Look at your own relationships, are there patterns, habits or behaviors that you feel need to change. Sharpening and deepening your awareness can help you change your behavior in ways that make a relationship more nourishing and supportive, and less challenging or painful. Through hypnosis you can discover how you relate to others and change any unwanted habits, patterns or behaviors.