Loss and Grief

Grief is the emotion of a natural process due to loss.  It is the mental and physical journey that one must go through to resolve the internal conflict when someone or something that was once there, no longer remains.  As children, we all experienced loss in some way and continued to encounter this unavoidable circumstance often without the necessary emotional tools to be able to process effectively.  

Mourning is a part of the grieving process.  It more involves the outward display of loss - from crying and outbursts to wearing black or acting in erratic or dysfunctional ways.

Through hypnosis we can work with all of the emotions and responses that you are experiencing due to loss, grief and unresolved grief.  During hypnosis, we will teach your body to relax so that healing can take place and you can find peace and relief. We will work to identify emotional triggers and manage their outcomes Coping skills will be introduced to help you navigate the darkness and pain that you might be encountering as you grieve.

While grief and loss is often associated with death, loss can be experienced through any number of transitions or challenges, including:

We each grieve in our own way and there is no "wrong" or "right" way though it. The pain and suffering of loss needs gentle care and guidance. Hypnosis can help relieve some of the unresolved grief that you might be experiencing. It is not invasive. It is safe and effective for individuals of all ages.