Strong visualizations will generate stronger emotions which would further strengthen your thought flows into attracting the objects, relationships or circumstances that you desire from the universe into manifestation in your current reality.  The major mistake that many people make is approaching this law with a feeling of lack or need.  As you begin to focus and concentrate on your desires with positive energy and begin to dismiss thoughts of lacking, the universe should begin to respond to you.

It's simple.  All you have to do is to decide upon the object of your desire, and then hold positive thoughts or feelings about it.  The universe will figure out how to go about bringing it to you, often in unexpected ways.  You will have to take action, but it should be inspired action only.  Once you begin to use the Law of Attraction, the universe will begin sending you inspiring ideas and your direction will become more clear.  When positive vibrations are combined with a conscious intent to manifest prosperity, it's inevitable that the power of the universe will bring you positive returns.

Through Hypnosis You Can: