What does Spirituality mean to you? Spirituality has as many different meanings as there are humans on the planet. For many it is about organized religion, for some it means following a philosophy they resonate with and then it means following a path of meditation, prayer, self reflection and discovery for others. Then many consider their affection for nature and the outdoors to be spiritual.

For some it is contemplating the age old question: “Who Am I?” their whole life and usually not coming up with the final answer. It could be about your spiritual experiences and interpretations of those events.​​

In hypnosis you will have the opportunity to explore what “Spirituality” means to you at the deepest levels. You can discover your intentions, beliefs and any resistances or blocks you might encounter. This is very personal about YOU and YOUR experiences. In hypnosis you can attempt to get in contact with your Spiritual Guides, Angelic Guides or other Higher Powers. You might want to discover new aspects in your relationship to God. There is no limit to where this exploration could take you.

Using hypnosis to look at your own Spirituality can be one of the most interesting endeavors of your life. You can gain new insight and clarity into many areas of your life that might be inexplicable or mysterious to you. Maybe you had a sigting or a vision that you have no explanation for, you can explore this phenomenon in hypnosis.

Prayer is another way that many explore their relationship to God and themselves. Many miracles are attributed to the power of prayer. Individual prayers and group prayers are amazingly powerful.

For those who meditate, hypnosis can be a great tool in helping your body and mind relax and become still for you to optimize your meditation time. Meditation is a time of deep stillness and being with yourself and your beliefs even if you are in a room filled with many others. Like prayer, meditation is a deeply personal experience. Meditation gives you the opportunity to “leave your everyday world” without going anywhere. It is the way to gain great insight and vision into your own life. Experiencing hypnosis (learning to relax your body and mind) is one of the tools that can make your meditation times more meaningful.