Weight Loss

The Acid/Alkaline Diet

double-your-flexibilityBoost your immune system, healthiest body ever….health problems vanish! Simple and natural way to transform yourself. Turn your life around now reaching the peak of your health. Solve your weight issues. Learn how to balance your body for increased health, vitality and energy.

21 Day Meditation

21_day_medMeditation for Weight Loss…

Relieves stress & reduces stress hormones
Lowers your heart rate & breathing
Calms your central nervous system
Creates positive neural pathways for success
Promotes deep sleep
Reduces inflammation
Increases your body’s sensitivity to the fat regulating hormones leptin & insulin
Builds positive feelings of self worth & meaning

The Gabriel Method

USAJon-Gabriel-banner-200Your body’s biology is programmed to use fat to protect you, and even through you probably aren’t threatened by famine or freezing temperatures in your daily life, modern stresses confuse your biology and your body reacts with hunger—it puts on weight to protect you from perceived danger. The Gabriel Method is a holistic process where you determine the underlying causes of your weight gain and let them go. Once you’ve dealt with the real cause of your weight gain, the process of losing weight is natural and automatic.

4 Foods to Never Eat For Breakfast

weigth-loss2Start applying these nutritional principles to your other meals to turn on your fat-burning switch in your body.

Begin Slim

Have you tried different types of diets and exercise programs only to realize you are working so hard but not seeing any results?To exceed in achieving any result, you must have vision, discipline, and motivation. This is especially true when it comes to losing weight.When a person decides to take action to lose weight, they have all three of these components. But somewhere along the line, one or more of these components disappears.
People either forget the vision they had for what they will look and feel like once the weight is lost, lack the discipline to exercise or eat healthily when they don’t want to, or are no longer motivated by the rewards associated with losing excess weight.While the situation varies from person to person, this is how the cycle works. The key is to learn to break the cycle of so many ups and downs and finally lose the weight and keep it off.With that said, today I’m excited to announce the release of a brand new Fat Loss program called “Begin Slim,” which will not only give you a clear understanding of why you make the choices you make, but you’ll also discover how you can change in order to progress in various areas of your life.