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KIM NAGLE, CH, CI - Available to Serve Your Self Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Needs Connecticut Residents.

Kim Nagle, CH, CI

For more than twenty-five years, Kim Nagle has been professionally helping people meet life’s challenges and transitions through hypnosis, guided meditations and other techniques and models from her years of working with hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and transpersonal psychology. Her goal is to help you be the person you see yourself being, achieving the success you want in your life.

In working with Ms. Nagle you will identify the habits, patterns or symptoms that you want to change and then work together to address the issues. She will be able to customize suggestions to meet your specific needs. Ms. Nagle has worked with homeless veterans and their families with symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD affects thousands of veterans and troops returning from combat zones around the world. The numbers of those affected are increasing at an alarming rate. Kim uses Hypnotherapy, Holographic Memory Resolution ®, Havening Techniques and EFT to work with the symptoms associated with PTSD.

As a long time Hypnotherapy group facilitator, seminar lecturer and trainer she has trained thousands of professionals to work with trauma and grief issues. Ms. Nagle is a professional public speaker and speaks regularly on hypnotherapy, as well as, a wide variety of topics. She is on the national speaker’s bureau for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network). She also facilitates support groups and meditation groups as along with personal development workshops.

According to Ms. Nagle, “The most common reasons people seek hypnotherapy is for weight loss or weight gain, smoking cessation, stress reduction and past life regression to explore past lives.” She added, “There are many fears such as fear of driving, fear of driving on the highway, fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of insects and others that people seek relief through Hypnotherapy.” Continuing, Ms. Nagle stated, “Others seek help to get their lives balanced and to move forward in positive directions, many search for assistance with low confidence and low self-esteem.” She concluded, “Hypnotherapy can be used to work with all sorts of symptoms related to trauma and to change unwanted feelings, habits and patterns.”

Ms. Nagle was trained as a psychotherapist in London, UK at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust. Upon graduation she trained for another year at the world famous Tavistock Clinic also in London. Becoming interested in hypnosis and other alternative modalities Ms. Nagle now practices Hypnotherapy, Holographic Memory Resolution ® (body-mind trauma model), Havening Techniques (psych-sensory trauma model), Emotional Freedom Technique, guided meditation, meditation, bi-lateral brain stimulation and teaches clients and group members about brain entrainment.

Currently residing on the Connecticut shore, she is the mother of two daughters and three grandchildren with one daughter and two grandchildren residing in Australia.

Denise Longo of Creative Hypnosis Group

Denise Longo

Denise Longo chose to pursue a path in medicine when discovering how much of an impact she could make in a person's life.  She enjoys working with people of all ages and helps treat a wide variety of mental health conditions.

Longo has been a registered nurse for the past 12 years and has specialized in psychiatry since 2011 and has worked at several psychiatric facilities within the state of Connecticut.  She treats and manages patients daily with severe depression, anxiety, substance abuse, OCD, schizophrenia, schizoaffective, PTSD, personality disorders including but not limited to bipolar, borderline, narcissism and antisocial disorder..

Longo trained in hypnotherapy in 2014. She uses her experience and hypnotherapeutic techniques of breathing, relaxing along with greater insight with her patients. Her medical background and hypnotherapy training compliment one another.

Longo has personally been exposed to and clearly sees the benefits of hypnotherapy in making positive change through the subconscious mind.  She often discuss this option with patients she works with who are not finding success with traditional treatments.  Longo believes Investing in your mental health is the best investment one can make.

In her spare time Longo is active in the gym, she enjoys traveling and spends times with her two grown sons.

Danya Cusano of Creative Hypnosis Group

Dayna Cusano

Dayna Cusano has trained in several alternative models.  She is a hypnosis practitioner, Reiki Master (including animals), Aromatherapist, crystal healer and practices Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT).

Cusano is a prolific writer and assists in writing many of the hypnosis scripts available for sale on this site at Creative Hypnosis Group (  She specializes in law of attraction and quantum jumping sessions.

Her Interest include quantum physics and spirituality. Cusano chose to do alternative therapy work to help other people. She has been influenced by many great mystics and scientists. She closely follows the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhardt Tolle, and many more! Cusano stays current with new discoveries in science and is passionate about self-healing and human creative potential.

Ms. Cusano, from East Haven in Connecticut, is the mother of 3 boys. She has experience in cosmetology, retail and medical assisting.

Sandy Lucas of Creative Hypnosis Group

Sandy Lucas

Sandy Lucas has been dedicated to serving and helping others for decades. She has an entrepreneurial spirit that has brought her great experiences including owning and operating a day care center for ten years.  She is now a certified Hypnosis Practitioner establishing her new business to continue to help others through hypnosis.

Recently Lucas has published a book, “I lost the fat and found myself,” that is a health journey about how she became her own health expert and how you can too through getting to really know your body.

Her experience in facilitating groups runs deep. She has created several support groups to empower women.  She also published an article in Active Living magazine in 2005, on how to build and facilitate support groups.  Lucas was a facilitator at Gaylord Rehabilitation Hospital to run a six week pain management course.  Her volunteer work at Gaylord, won her a trip to Las Vegas in 2006.

Having survived a motorcycle accident but losing her left leg below the knee, Lucas trained and became certified as a Peer Supporter with the Amputee Coalition of America. She sees patients mainly at Yale New Haven Hospital. This has been a rewarding experience for Sandy to be able to help others adjust to being an amputee.

Lucas is trained in a healing modality called, Psych-K.  This gave her further education and experience in pursuing her purpose in helping others in many capacities.

Currently Sandy is running a meetup group with over 300 members on how to live free and break the chains that bind us.  She is a motivational speaker on a variety of topics.

She lives in Plainville, CT with her husband and has two adult children and two grandchildren.