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meditation yoga, meditation and yoga,meditation hypnosis, yoga hypnosis, meditation, hypnosis, yoga, kundalini, chakra, brain, energy, hypnosis meditation, brain entrainment, hypnosis for the body, self growth vitaminsHere you’ll find the complete list of YOGABODY practice aids. Please note that we’re constantly adding and expanding our tools available, so please check back often, and as always, please contact us anytime with questions. Stay bendy!  Includes supplements, books and CD’s to help you reach your greatest potential.  Press the button to get the information you need to improve the quality of your life.

Mind Body Training Company

double-your-flexibilityWhatever your self-growth goals, we have a Program to help you. Whether you want rapid results with the law of attraction, to raise your energetic vibration, lower your stress, learn to meditate or clear your inner blocks.

Teach Meditation

teach-meditationThe Mastery of Meditation Teacher’s Training and Certification Program is our flagship product and service, and it’s spread is more than just a business venture for us, it is our calling. For this reason you can expect a great deal of effort being poured into the promotion of this program, which will make being an affiliate specially lucrative

Heal With Qigong

FM-HWQGQigong is a form of exercise common in China and gaining popularity in other parts of the world. “Qi” means life-force energy of the body and “gong” means skill.Three main components of it include physical exercise, meditation, and proper breathing. It is meant to restore and preserve health and energy in the body, mind, and spirit.

True Chakra

The chakras are energy centers in your body. By understanding the particular attributes of each chakra you can align your body with its higher purpose. Chakra meditation is the key to healthy living, exploring your true potential, and being happy.The chakras are centers for both receiving and emitting energy. In my powerful new program, “True Chakra,” you will learn to clear and activate your seven chakras so that you can reach a state of awakening. When you activate your chakras, your potential is truly unlimited. You will receive an unlimited amount of energy.With this program you will be able to enhance your consciousness. Illuminating your chakras will give you the powerful ability to heal and will give your body alignment and balance. With this program you will be able to maximize the flow of energy throughout your body.”True Chakra” consists of 8 empowering audio modules. And to ensure your success even further, I am going include a bonus hypnosis recording.

The Perfect Affirmation

perfectAt the heart of the matter, it is simply an effective means of tapping into your clients challenges, and releasing the unconscious, subconscious and conscious blocks that prevent them from living the reality they wish to live; and then filling in the holes that the release left, so that something new will fill in the spots that were being held by the old feelings and perceptions.

Guided Meditation

double-your-flexibilityThe Guided Meditation Site is a place for lovers of meditation, relaxation, personal development and spiritual growth. It’s also a great resource for people who are new to meditation and who are looking for ways to rid themselves of stress and live happier, healthier, more peaceful lives. There sure is a lot to explore on this site.

About Mastery of Meditation & Yoga

Mastery of Meditation & Yoga Mission:
Although Mastery of Meditation is a massive warehouse of information on meditation, yoga, zen and the related spiritual sciences, it is NOT just a collection of endless, unfocused articles and posts. Each document is a very thorough and detailed treatment of the respective topic, created with care, passion and insight. The two main goals of this spiritual portal are as follows…To provide you with the very best tools, techniques and wisdom to help you reach your highest human potential. To be the most comprehensive meditation, yoga and zen portal on the web, available to everyone for free.

Complete Kundalini

FM-CompleteKundaliniKundalini is the serpent force that resides in the root chakra at the base of your spine. The kundalini is your source of spiritual energy.Activating the kundalini will allow you to reach an enlightened state and will give you spiritual advancement. My brand new program, Complete Kundalini will teach you how to clear and activate your seven chakras.Improperly raising the kundalini can be dangerous. However, with a skilled practitioner guiding you, like myself, you will be able to properly raise the kundalini and harness its power.

Study Chi

FM-StudyChiWithin All Living Beings Is Something Called The Chi Or The Life-Force Energy That When Awakened, Creates And Solidifies The Essential Connection Between Your Mind, Body And Spirit.

Empowering People With Music

elioElio’s music is infused with intention and each piece is created to evoke specific emotions to stimulate the body, mind, and spirit to healing. The relaxing, and peaceful sounds of Elio’s music, including the Healing Codes Music have been described as “glorious, pure, soul reaching, deeply loving and divinely inspired”. This music can evoke deep relaxation and meditation by stimulating the body and nervous system into alpha and delta brainwave states. Take your healing to the next level with Elio’s empowering and evolutionary music