Feel Healthier, Happier and More Comfortable With Yourself

Creative Hypnosis is dedicated to working with you to feel the best you can feel. We will work with whatever issues, patterns, habits or behaviors you want to change. Many people have tried to define hypnosis and in the long run it is as simple as “being open to suggestion.” See the person you want to be and be open to being the new you. Hypnosis has the potential to help you in ways you have only dreamed of.

About Kim Nagle

For twenty years, Kim Nagle has been professionally helping people meet life’s challenges and transitions through hypnosis, guided meditations and other techniques and models from her years of working with hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and transpersonal psychology.

Her goal is to help you be the person you see yourself being, achieving the success you want in your life. In working with Ms. Nagle you will identify the habits or symptoms that you want to change and then work together to address the issues. She will be able to customize suggestions to meet your specific needs.

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About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is used to influence the subconscious mind to accept new programming for positive life changes. You will only accept messages that are compatible with your beliefs. If you are not comfortable with a suggestion being made you can open your eyes and not accept the message.

It is used to get rid of old behaviors, patterns, beliefs, and thoughts in order to manifest new ideas to meet your desires and goals for being a healthier and happier person.

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